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1906 Club Other Activities

The Biggggggggggggger! The Better!

This area is made to organize social events for you to experience group activities designed and picked exclusively for Gay-Men, outdoor or indoor, it does not matter, as long as we are having a good time together.


Cinema, Culture, Cycling, Motorcycle, Beach, Camping, Jogging, Concerts, and Festivals etc...

About the Club

We want to welcome you to our website, 1906 Club is a private men's Club, where gay men experience their sexuality & desired fantasies, in a friendly confidential & safe atmosphere, since 2015.


you can enjoy your sexual desire with other members of the club, or just to meet with other members & have a conversation.


1906 Club is located in Porto city, with no specific location or address.


We respect every individual privacy, your personal information "Name, Age, e-mail address, etc.." are not shared with anyone according to GDPR.


This club is non-profit, the fees we are asking from the members are to cover the expenses of arranging & managing the events, as we provide for the Members & visitors "Drinks, Snacks, Condoms, Lubricant, etc.."

About us, The Events & Membership
Rules & SafeSex

Rules & Guidelines


These are the rules of our club. You are by default excepting by participating in any event or meeting:

  • The entrance to the club is exclusively for over 18 years old males.

  • Accept that they use my data to send information about the events(ALL DATA PROTECTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH GDPR LEGISLATION)

  • Any doubts / changes / deletion of data should contact us.

  • For your security & the safety of others, we ask you to carry your ID card with you, we might ask you to show it with the ticket upon entry.

  • Respect is the key. Nobody is forced to play with you. Nobody is forced to play what you want.

  • We do not allow the sale or/and consumption of drugs in the club, if it appears to us you are under the influence of a drug or extreme consumption of alcohol, we will ask you to leave the club.

  • For hygiene reasons, we do not allow scat & piss. Also, we do not allow extreme practices such as needles, blood, extreme pain.

  • If someone bothers you, tell us, if you bother someone will ask you to leave the club.

  • It is not allowed to use cameras, mobile phones or any recording device. Leave them at the entrance.

  • Sex or any sexual activity are not allowed in toilets, we are expecting you to use the toilets & the showers as you do at your home, please leave it clean for other Members to use it.

  • Keep the place clean, use the bins we provide, we want everyone to be comfortable in our club.

  • If you need anything, go to the reception & we will attend.

  • Please be quite upon entry & exit, respect the neighbors' privacy & time of rest.

  • No loud noises are allowed, we are going to ask to keep it down, if not we are going to ask you to leave.

  • DressCode: Dress Code are important for the events, please make sure you come ready or put-on the dress-code after you arrive, if you don't have the right dress code, you are welcome to play naked.

Safe Sex & Hygiene 

We at 1906 Club encourage you to practice safe & Hygienic sex, we offer you free condoms & lubricant.


Any unsafe sex you are practicing or participate with is 100% your responsibility.


If you are worried about your sexual health, please talk to us, we can provide you with helpful information & direction to organizations that can help you professionally.

Events & Re-play


We in the club have 3 main events themes.


Main event one or twice a month with different themes as well, it's for 5 hours usually from 5 pm to 10 pm, with free drinks "Beer, Water & sparkling wine" & cold snacks, usually it takes a place on weekends.


Re-play, a small event for 3 hours of fun from 5 pm until 8 pm, in the middle of the week, it's a good simple party with the same theme of the previous Event, we offer water bottles for your thirst.


Special Events are a less frequent event, it is completely different from the other events, it held in unusual places.


the location, theme & atmosphere varies from event to event, to make archive the best experience for you & other members there are basic rules we are expecting you to read & follow.


In order to become a Member of 1906 Club and enjoy the benefits of being 1906 Club Members, you need to participate in 3 events without failing your reservation or booking of the event, once you are a member you are going to receive Membership confirmation email then you are ready to enjoy your Membership special entry value & more..


We welcome visitors & tourists as well, however, the number of the participants are limited & vary from event to event, the priority is for the Members.

We are expecting or Members & Visitors to have the best time while engaging with each other with the best sexual experience possible with an open mind, therefore there are some simple roles and advice we are expecting you to follow Like "Hygiene, , Open minded attitude, etc.." to read more about it please click here.


We don't publish the address of our meeting location online, you need to book your spot to the next event & then we are going to send you the location by email, so make sure the email address you Enter is correct upon booking, the events are usually taken a place in a house or apartment in Porto city.


Each event is in a different location, it is for privacy & discretion, Plus it makes the events are more exciting with each time a new place to play with the members of the club, we have 3 different Events themes read about it.

Fees & Members Benefits

Events fees

The main event:

22X for visitor.

17X for Members.


12X for visitor.

12X for Members.

Special Event:

fee varies from event to event, we are going to announce the fee in the event description.

Members Benefits:

Members have the priority for Event invitation, entry & Special Events & meetings.


Getting the Membership is easy, you need to reserve your sport & show up to the event for 3 Main Event, you are going to enjoy your benefits on the 3ed Main Event, if you can not show up after getting the tickets, please tell us so we can cancel your ticket & you don't lose your membership, if you did not cancel your tickets & not show up three times, you are going to lose your Membership.

If you have any questions, contact us by email:

If you wish to remove your email from the mailing list, please click here...

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